Eight Eyes, 2023 – ★★★

I’m drawn to the lo-fi, grimy aesthetic of these types of films, even when the narrative becomes incoherent. Despite its lack of clarity, the atmosphere and style kept me engaged throughout.

Megalomaniac, 2022 – ★★

The predictability of the plot twist made this film a tough watch, diminishing the overall impact. Its lack of suspense resulted in a rather tough sit.

Yellow Dragon's Village, 2021 – ★★★

The film impresses with its inventive plot, showcasing a fresh take on its genre. With a larger budget, it’s easy to envision this creative story becoming a major hit.

Harland Manor, 2021 – ★

This film stands out as one of the worst in its genre, plagued by a plot where characters make the most illogical decisions at every turn. The experience is frustrating and lacks any redeeming qualities.

Where The Body Was, 2024 – ★★★★

This story brings you in this fully realized neighborhood, making you feel like a part of the community due to its vividly drawn characters. The depth of character development brings the setting to life, creating a deeply engaging reading experience.

Daaaaaalí!, 2023 – ★★★

Quentin Dupieux deserves more recognition for his ability to consistently produce hilarious and mind-bending films at an impressive pace. His unique and inventive approach to filmmaking makes each of his works a delightful and thought-provoking experience.

Dr. Giggles, 1992 – ★★★

This film delivers a dose of silly 90s fun with its over-the-top horror and campy humor. It’s unfortunate that it never spawned any sequels, as its quirky charm had potential for more.

Saving Sakic, 2024 – ★★★

This film offers a unique glimpse into a trade negotiation that, had it succeeded, might have reshaped the landscape of the NHL. As a die-hard Flyers fan, I’m glad this deal fell through.

There's Something Wrong with the Children, 2023 – ★

This film lacks originality, shamefully ripping off the far superior “Here Comes The Devil” without adding any daring or distinct elements of its own. Its reluctance to visually depict its monsters further dilutes any potential for genuine scares or intrigue.

The Prodigy, 2019 – ★★

This film follows a familiar formula, delivering predictable scares without adding anything new to the horror genre landscape of its time. It’s a typical entry that fails to stand out amidst its contemporaries.

Day of the Dead, 1985 – ★★★★

Spectacular creature effects enhance the riveting exploration of human resilience and evolution, making each viewing a deeper appreciation of the characters’ compelling arcs. The film masterfully balances visceral horror with poignant, character-driven storytelling.

Love Lies Bleeding, 2024 – ★★★

The film delves deeply into the lives of fringe characters, weaving a narrative that crescendos with explosive violence, a familiar hallmark of A24 that may not surprise fans of the genre. Its visual storytelling and character exploration, while beautifully crafted, tread familiar ground, offering little in the way of new...