Category: TV REVIEWS

Loki, 2021 – ★★

I did not like this series at all and had a hard time finishing it. I think I am just over the Loki character at this point.

Escape at Dannemora, 2018

The cast was so good you almost forgot these characters were all terrible people. Nobody can convey such a sense of pity or terror with a single look like Benicio Del Toro. That guy is insanely good.

Wild Wild Country, 2018

Fascinating for every minute of the 6 hour runtime. I love learning about events that happened while I was too young to pay attention. I just wish the filmmakers spent some time with the regular everyday followers instead of just focusing on upper management.

Fargo: Season 1

Television at its best. Billy Bob Thorton’s best performance since SLING BLADE. Check it out now before season 2 starts this fall.

House Of Cards : Season 1

Tremendously entertaining show. Great casting. Sometimes I forget how good of an actor Kevin Spacey is. I want season 2 right now!