Author: chris

Habit, 1995 – ★★★

This gritty exploration of urban vampire lore weaves a compelling tale that deftly captures the essence of 90s New York City. Its raw portrayal and atmospheric setting create an immersive experience that resonates long after the credits roll.

The Strangers: Chapter 1, 2024 – ★★

Despite being a fresh attempt at a beloved story, the film struggles to captivate, leaving little anticipation for its sequels. Its lackluster execution and slow pace fail to inject new life into the familiar narrative.

Founders Day, 2023 – ★

The film attempts to revive classic slasher tropes but fails miserably, delivering a disjointed and uninspired experience that ranks among the most tedious in recent memory. Its predictable plot and lackluster performances make it a forgettable entry in the genre.

Vamp, 1986 – ★★

This film attempts to capture the essence of a surreal, nocturnal odyssey but falls short of delivering the compelling disorientation it aims for. Its blend of horror and dark comedy feels undercooked, leaving much to be desired in both thrills and laughs.

Girl with No Mouth, 2019 – ★

The film begins with a compelling setup that promises an intriguing adventure, yet as the story unfolds, it struggles to maintain momentum and becomes increasingly difficult to engage with.

Sinphony: A Clubhouse Horror Anthology, 2022 – ★

While not the worst entry in the anthology genre, the film suffers from jarring transitions that disrupt the flow between its segments. The stories themselves, though varied, struggle to form a cohesive narrative, undermining the potential for a truly engaging experience.

King Car, 2021 – ★

This film suffers from a lack of coherent direction, making it a chore to follow and ultimately, a tedious experience. The scattered narrative prevents any meaningful engagement, leading to a disappointing viewing.

Hunt Her, Kill Her, 2022 – ★★

This decent single-location film builds steady tension, though its final act ventures into almost excessively vicious territory, testing the boundaries of its confined setting.

Fake Blood, 2017 – ★★★

While at times it leans too forcefully into its themes, the film manages to deliver a compelling, if somewhat contrived, mockumentary experience.

Sunshine, 2007 – ★★★

This film shines with its gripping exploration of human resilience and cosmic wonder, but it unexpectedly veers into a less satisfying slasher finale that detracts from its thoughtful buildup. Its profound themes and stunning visuals almost manage to outshine the jarring genre shift that concludes the journey.

Inseminoid, 1981 – ★★

The film largely consists of repetitive sequences with characters sprinting through identical hallways, which grows tiresome quickly. However, the arrival of the creatures injects some much-needed excitement into the otherwise monotonous action.

Spaghetti, 2023 – ★★★★

The film is a fun watch, though it occasionally stumbles in execution. The highlight is an undeniably bizarre scene that must be seen to be believed.

The Theatre Bizarre, 2011 – ★

An anthology film that fails to deliver any compelling stories, making it difficult to stay engaged. Each segment lacks the creativity and intrigue needed to captivate the audience.