Top 6 Movies Of 2011

  1. Drive – I was totally blown away by every aspect of this movie. I am so mad I didn’t see it in a theater. Without a doubt my favorite movie of 2011.

  2. The Woman – Very odd yet compelling sequel to The Offspring. Actress Pollyanna McIntosh is so good. Director Lucky McKee did it again. I loved this movie.

  3. Stake Land – Vampire apocalypse as an art house drama. It completely blew me away. Top notch baddassery from star and co-writer Nick Damici.

  4. The Innkeepers – Nobody does tense and creepy these days better than Ti West (HOUSE OF THE DEVIL). The 2 leads were believable and funny. I really loved this movie.

  5. Attack The Block – Aliens decide to invade one of the toughest neighborhoods in England. Bad idea. Lots of fun to watch and the creature design was very cool.

  6. Rubber – Yes, this movie is about a tire with psychic abilities, but there’s a lot more going on than one would expect from a B-grade horror movie.