Top 5 Movies Of 2013

  1. Pacific Rim – Lots of fun. How can you not love giant robots vs giant monsters? This is such a cool world I hope they get to make a few more movies in it.

  2. Gravity – A very simple story told masterfully by director Alfonso Cuarón. This movie demands to be seen on the biggest 3D screen you can find.

  3. This Is The End – The funniest movie I’ve seen in a very long time. The cast was great but Danny McBride really stole the movie. Every line was pure genius.

  4. You’re Next – Refreshingly straight forward horror movie. I’m a pretty big fan of all the filmmakers involved here and hope this is the break out hit they deserve.

  5. Sound City – Dave Grohl delivers a fun and informative documentary about one of the most influential recording studios. Pretty amazing stuff.

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