Top 10 Movies Of 2014

  1. Guardians Of The Galaxy
    Marvel really took a huge risk with this one and it paid off. Tons of humor and terrific action. I want a sequel now!
  2. Under The Skin
    I don’t know where to even start with this one. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. Scarlett Johansson was terrific. What a great movie.
  3. Proxy
    The beginning was so disturbing I almost tuned it off. I’m glad I didn’t. A really great movie that reminded me of early De Palma.
  4. Big Bad Wolves
    An incredibly dark and hilarious drama from the directors of the equally well made Rabies. QT called this his film of the year and I agree.
  5. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes
    Everything you could ever want from a sequel. You feel bad for both sides but you know it’ll never work out in the end. Loved it.
  6. Here Comes The Devil
    A really great movie. Catch it while you can before the inevitable English language remake.
  7. Blue Ruin
    A very good movie. Plays out like a Coen brothers thriller with an unskilled everyman in the lead instead of an unstoppable killing machine.
  8. The One I Love
    I knew next to nothing about this movie before watching it and I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much.
  9. Jodorowsky’s Dune
    Recounts cinema’s greatest “What If?” lost masterpiece. I hope someone can fund an animated version so we can finally see the final film.
  10. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    I liked it but it really should have been called Avengers 1.5 because the Winter Soldier had very little to do with anything in this movie.

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