Top 10 Movies of 2009

  1. Inglourious BasterdsQT does it again, as if there was any doubt. A very suspenseful film with incredibly fleshed out characters. I wish it was twice as long.
  2. WatchmenZack Snyder has made an excellent adaptation of the “unfilmable” graphic novel. It will take multiple viewings to fully take it all in.
  3. MartyrsRevenge film? Torture porn with a point? This latest French import has me confused and disturbed, and that isn’t easy. I love this film.
  4. Star TrekFinally I get what I thought a Star Trek movie could be – fun, exciting, touching, multiverses, and totally action-packed. Go see it now!
  5. District 9Rarely does a movie exceed my expectations. District 9 is the real deal – serious science fiction and thrilling action. Check it out.
  6. TimecrimesReally engrossing mind-bender from Spain. Seeing how everything ties together at the end made me want to watch it all again right away.
  7. Trick ‘R TreatI loved, loved, loved this movie! Kind of like the “Go” of horror movies. It really is a crime that this movie is going straight to dvd.
  8. ZombielandFrom the opening notes of “For Whom The Bell Tools” to the over the top ending this was a really funny movie with some great gore.
  9. 12 RoundsI loved John Cena’s first movie THE MARINE and I was really excited to see this new one. This one was just as ridiculous and I love that.
  10. OrphanA new and fun twist on your standard killer kid flick. I’m really happy that Dark Castle is still around making these kind of movies.