Top 10 Movies of 2008

  1. Let The Right One InA tender tale from Sweden about two young outcasts falling in love for the first time. And oh yeah, the girl happens to be a vampire.
  2. Iron ManMy favorite film of the summer. Lots of fun, great special effects, perfect casting. I think I’m going to go watch it again right now…
  3. InsideSet against the same political rioting as Frontier(s), this film begins with a terrible car crash that young, pregnant Sarah (Alysson Paradis) barely survives but claims the life of her boyfriend. Flash-forward a few months and its Christmas Eve and Sarah is scheduled to deliver her baby the next morning. What should have been a normal night relaxing at home turns sickeningly violent when a woman (Béatrice Dalle) knocks at her door and demands Sarah’s baby. A truly shocking tale that may turn off people with its excessive violence or ambiguous ending.
  4. The RuinsLoved the book by Scott Smith and this was a fairly faithful adaptation minus some of the creepier aspects. Solid cast, film looked great.
  5. Step BrothersHilarious! Put John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell in anything and I will check it out. Also contains the most genius cover of a GN’R song ever.
  6. Snow AngelsA powerful, beautiful, and riveting drama from one of the best directors working today, David Gordon Green. Seek this one out.
  7. DoomsdayThis mashsup of EFNY, ALIENS, GLADIATOR, and ROAD WARRIOR was a total blast. I loved it! I also really liked the retro-80s synth soundtrack.
  8. ChokeFaithful adaptation of the book, but I wish it was a bit longer so you could learn more about the characters. Seemed a bit rushed at the end.
  9. Be Kind RewindGreat film about the joy of creating. Worth seeing just for their sweding of Ghostbusters. This one really suprised me in a good way.
  10. All the Boys Love Mandy LaneA very interesting take on the sometimes tired slasher genre. Most of it takes place during the day which I always find refreshing.

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