That Completist Mentality

That Completist Mentality, or: Why do I own 2 versions of the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy when I really don’t even like it?

That’s a good question, one I found asking myself recently as I began the yearly task of reorganizing my dvd collection. Usually I would end up have a box or two of new dvds that needed to be sorted and inserted into my ever expanding wall of dvds. But staring at this year’s pile sitting on my living room floor I knew something had to be done to stop this madness.

I have a lot of dvds, many are unwatched or even opened.  The fun has always been in the hunt for that rare or obscure movie.  I just couldn’t buy the first film of a series without the rest. If I liked a certain director I had to have all of their movies. And then there are those certain movies that I figured everyone should have in their collection. It is a true sickness.

But in the age Netflix what’s the point of owning thousands of movies when you can have any movie you want in your mailbox tomorrow?  And if you can’t wait that long you can even start instantly streaming thousands of movies via Hulu, iTunes, Xbox Live, Amazon, and so on. Keeping that mantra in mind it was time to start making some hard decisions.  One by one I started analyzing each movie and by the end I managed to actually cut my collection in half.  Sure I still have a lot of movies, but cut me some slack, I got rid of all of my Lord Of The Rings dvds.

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